A blank sheet of paper

I realize I find it difficult to fill a sheet of paper/empty blog, with musings  in first person, knowing that people might read it. I automatically lapse into verse, which alternates between being a window and a shield, allowing glimpses of me, yet letting me creep into and hide in its metaphors. The ridiculous thought did occur to me, to write in third person. However tempting, I didn’t pursue that idea. Instead, I just started writing exactly what I was thinking. Is. Am thinking. Now, was. Was, will be.

The lines of thought crawl. And I watch. Sometimes write. Sometimes crumple and toss. And a new page emerges.

This blog is my beautiful blank sheet, patiently waiting for a thought bubble to burst. Words will come, as they sometimes do.


    • Lavanya

      Nomi!!! Thank you..:) Though I must admit that this is not my first attempt..I’ve crumpled but not quite tossed some (actually two) before for different reasons..lol. But this feels very me- so hopefully I’ll stay.:).

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