The texture of a mountain. And some fruit

Grand Canyon (North Rim) - The view near/through Angel's Window

Grand Canyon (North Rim) - The view near/through Angel's Window

The picture on the blog, below the words ‘And a small sensory window’, lives in the North Rim of the Grand Canyon and is actually called ‘Angel’s Window’. The picture nudging the words on this post, is what lies beyond the ‘Angel’s Window’. After a short walk, the teasing glimpse through the ‘window’, expands into an unreal view. And by unreal, I don’t just mean beautiful. The view was literally unreal. Like a scene frozen and stolen from an animation film. Or, as if somebody had Β stood exactly where we were standing, and painted the view in watercolors. (It seems a little absurd that art/craft serves as a simile for nature rather than the other way round. But that is the twisted way in which language/thought probably evolves. For example, what were ‘picture postcard views’ called before they were ever photographed?).

And then there is the slight jolt of green in the corner. A reminder of a not unfamiliar reality. A reality also filled with slow textures and summer smells.
Woven orange mats.
And fresh figs.

Here is a taste of some of the figs we ate. Some warmed and topped with dark chocolate shavings*. Some cold from the fridge (shown in the picture).

Fresh Figs in a Bowl
Fresh Figs in a Bowl

* suggested by Michelle –

All pictures were taken by me


  1. nommix

    Ooooh, mouth watering is what warmed figs topped with chocolate sounds like. Thankyou for sharing that, am definitely going to try it as soon as i find myself some fresh figs!

    I am also going to hunt down the origins of the phrase ‘postcard’, unless you’ve already done that…?

    • Lavanya

      Yes it is quite yummy- the chocolate shavings melt from the warmth of the figs and it goes all goey and lovely,.:) And the figs were so sweet that they tasted as good cold.
      Oh and I haven’t researched the origin of ‘postcard’. Do let me know what you find!

  2. lovely pics! i love, love, love figs.

    thanks for stopping by my blog and commenting. it really made my day. i really enjoy your blog as well. i will definitely be back to visit πŸ™‚

    • Lavanya

      Thank YOU, Melita! I’ve been lurking on your blog the past couple of days but when I read your artist’s date, I had to de-lurk and comment..:)

  3. Hey Lavanya! So glad you found my blog & that I found yours!! Isn’t City Girl fabulous?

    I didn’t find your email on your blog so I could send you a blogger invite for the SWIM blog. Could you email your email address to

    I really enjoyed the way you described living with your characters in one of your comments. This morning as I was doing some writing practice & a prompt took me to a random scene I’d been thinking of for the story I’m writing, I remembered what you said about writing out of sequence. It does bring a nice sense of immediacy, which is refreshing since I usually tend to write in order & end up getting frustrated when a scene feels stale once I finally get around to writing about it.

    Can’t wait to explore more of your blog & to see you on SWIM! πŸ™‚

    • Lavanya

      Just sent you an email!
      Yes, City Girl is super nice!!

      I’m glad you enjoyed my comment. πŸ˜€
      Writing out of sequence does allow the story to go wherever it wants to in the drafting stages (which can get out of hand, sometimes)..But it has been working for me. That way I get to know things, I wouldn’t know if I controlled the order too much, kwim?

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