Imperfect Memories

We were walking near Charminar, in Hyderabad (India). I remember bright cloth bags hanging at the entrance of the stall-like shops. And gullys containing the sounds of bangles and bangle sellers. People with baskets on the footpath, selling coins, statues and other things. I wanted to buy some coins. My father-in-law wanted to buy me bangles. In the end, we bought neither.

Looking up at the sky and moving down, you see this.

Just Charminar

Moving down further, away from the sky, you see this.

Charminar and people

Often, when I look at this photograph, I wonder who that man in it is. And what he is thinking. The one in the white shirt. Walking away from the Charminar. He doesn’t look sad, or happy. But he is walking away from the Charminar, towards somewhere else.

I am obviously nostalgic and nostalgia doesn’t help an accurate observation. I remember my impression of the photograph better than my impression of the place.


  1. I thoroughly appreciate your perspective and view of India. I often read blogs about journeys to India where the focus is on the poverty of the community and the challenges with experiencing the country. It is important to remember that we are the guest and should appreciate the beauty that is presented.

    • Thanks Pink Heels! I think this is probably the case (with my view) because I have grown up in India and so I am able to glean the beauty that abounds alongside the poverty, without being de-sensitized to either.

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