Venice Diary: In which I walked and was whimsical

What can I say about Venice that hasn’t been said before? It is beautiful and romantic and makes you think wonderful things. It weaves gossamer threads around you that bind you to it, forever. It moves through you, making you aware of your most intimate thoughts. It breathes with the slow lapping of its bobbing boats. Its watery breath holds its night and day together, creating an easy interlocking of its sights, sounds and the feelings they evoke.

It lives even while making time stand still.


    • There’s more. There’s more! got me there. I am trying to remember one ‘wonderful’ thing that I thought- but flitty floaty things that thoughts sometimes are- right now they completely escape me. (Or maybe I was deceived into thinking I thought them?)

  1. ushnish

    Dear Lavanya
    Just landed here reading your comment at friend blogger’s post.
    Was wondering where to go next weekend as I am rotting in Milano for last 6 weeks ( on some office work).
    I think I will make it to Venice . Let me see what all great posts ( non food ones too) here.
    have a nice weekend

    • Thanks for stopping by. Venice is really lovely- you should go if you can!!

      You can select posts by category on the right (that way you can select the non-food ones). Have a great weekend.

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