A delicious kind of countdown

When Nupur from One Hot Stove extended an invitation to bloggers to  join her on a 7-day recipe countdown to the New Year’s, I couldn’t resist (She’s been on a longer 40 recipe marathon herself). A list of dishes, that I’d  been dying to make for a while, started poking their starchy or lentilly heads from some dusty corners of my brain, demanding to be included in the recipe countdown. And so I put together a tentative lists, ignoring some pleas, listening to others. And  inspite of several un-cooperative factors, such as the lack of internet access from home (I am in Panera right now) as well as the fact that I am probably going to be visiting family on many of the 7 days, I am going to be posting 7 recipes, one per day, starting tomorrow.

You can see the list of participating blogs here.

And falling back on a cliche that seems holiday appropriate: Eat, Drink (some tea maybe? ;-)) and be Merry!!

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