Paper Dances

Small ways in which I let work, soak and play.

  • Covering my plannerpad in purple

  • Making a 2010 booklist on the beige-y pages in my plannerpad

  • Buying colorful striped folders to organize my papers
  • Resolving to use this big fat  and almost empty diary as my 2010 journal

  • Decorating   notebooks with collages of pretty  paper, for brainstorming at work and at play

  • Writing on the beach


  1. hi, hi – love the pictures. you know, i am working on a post of all my different journals, but it kind of varies – like for a while iw as really into composition books, but then got more into flatter notebooks.

  2. Beautiful! I love that purple paper on the planner pad – is it textured and fabric-y? It makes me want to reach out and stroke it.

    How’s the journaling coming for 2010?

    • Hi Kiki! Thanks for stopping by. Yes, that paper is textured and feels almost tissue-like but not as thin (if that makes any sense).

      The journalling is happening, which is good. I think a lot of times, I end up journalling not because I have anything profound or specific to say, but because I love the feel of my pen running along lined creamy

    • I know- a big fat diary is soo yumm isn’t it? Just the thought of that diary made me feel so excited that I didn’t write in it for almost 2 years (or is it 3?), except for a page finally, last year. That is why the resolution..:) That my words have to live up to the beauty of a diary or paper was always a source of pressure. I have finally thrown off that pressure and plan to just write in

  3. wow i love this! i’ve been working on “gussying up” my planner pad since the beginning of the year lol. plan on posting some pics soon enough though. love & hugs!!

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