Perfume Review: Anya’s Garden Starflower

“I received samples of both Moondance and Starflower from Anya, at the same  time. I put off sampling Star Flower for a while, and revelled instead in the lush beauty of Moondance.I assumed, that I wouldn’t find the gourmand quality of Starflower too enticing- but boy was I wrong!! I loved Moondance, but it is the audacious and voluptuous Starflower that I feel like reaching for when I need a ‘sniff’ before sleeping. The large lollipop of a beginning leaps into a grey-green dirty meadow that I just want to roll in. Starflower is described by Anya as a floral-gourmand , but this could very well qualify as a tuberose-hater’s tuberose or a gourmand-hater’s gourmand fragrance. How do I put it? This is a sly, sneaky, yet gorgeously dirty fragrance that somehow manages to both seduce and comfort.

It begins with almond and a burst of poppins (fruit flavored candy , that we’d often suck on, as kids growing up in India).  I think that must be the lemon and cherry notes in the perfume. As I sniff this part of the perfume, I see a tiny red dot grow larger and larger and then pop!, like a red balloon, it bursts and the cherry-almond candy is gone and I am left with bits of coconut and caramel. And then this tiny drop of perfume morphs into a gloriously animalic stage that lasts forever. What can I say? I was tricked into loving this”.

These were my early impressions of the scent. While I still love Starflower, the more I wear it and smell it, the more I find that it is difficult to pin point the position of each note and olfactory association, in the perfume evolution. I think this is probably  true of  my ‘final’ impression of many complex scents, since each note (with its set of  associations) evokes another note in the perfume (and its scent associations) till I am left with this delicious weaving in and out of notes and memories of notes, in a delightful sensory jumble.

From Anya’s website, the list of notes are:

Top notes: bitter almond, cherry, lemon

Middle notes: tropical flowers with a rich dose of tuberose, savory and sweet seeds

Base notes: chocolate, vanilla and some animalic playfulness (cruelty-free)

As with any perfume (but especially with natural perfume), I’d definitely recommend trying a sample before buying.

You can buy this natural perfume in various concentrations at I have reviewed the Eau de Parfum.

[Picture via abcgallery]

Disclosure: I received a sample of Starflower from Anya, to review. However, I am under no obligation to like this perfume or write a favorable review.

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