The smell of an Indian edition

I never thought I’d say this, but right now I am glorying in the smells of a textbook- an Indian edition textbook (Yes- the kind that you call up your parents in India to buy for you, because they are  much more expensive in the U.S).

It’s been a while since I have done this- read an Indian Edition text book I mean. And I’m loving the smell of its pages. [I was so surprised by this discovery that I actually felt compelled to blog about it!] Now, I do realize that I probably don’t truly love this warm,white dusty smell (oh- I do I do), but it has managed to evoke a strange longing. Not very unlike  the longing evoked by  the thought of ‘that’ dish that your mother used to make often, that you probably hated then, and now just can’t comprehend why.

This smell was almost a journey.  with stops at Strand Bookstore and Premiere on Church Street in Bangalore. Passing through Avenue road where we’d almost melt in the heat trying to buy  books for College courses. Temporarily landing on our brown round dining table strewn with textbooks that I’d spent more time sleeping on than reading.



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