I realized a few days ago that August 29th was the 1 year anniversary of my blog. I thought I would pull my blog from semi-hiatus status with a post to mark the day. However, as it sometimes happens, I completely forgot till … right now. I am almost ‘jekyll and hyde-ish’ when it comes to milestones and ‘days’ – on one hand I feel like celebrating days and special occasions, so time won’t fly away without me having run all over its minutes, marking them in my own way; on the other hand, I am either embarrassed to point to the existence of such days (be they my birthday or my blog anniversary), or feel cheerfully indifferent to them (ok- not so cheerfully indifferent). However, I could not bring myself to completely ignore the day this blog was born, since I’m pretty fond of this comfy space. So this is my tiny tribute to my blog. Hopefully, I will continue to feel comfortable to share my thoughts in this space.

P.S I just re-read the last paragraph and realized what a depressing little tribute that I will definitely be back with more ‘interesting’ content.

[ For example, my search for the perfect Palak Paneer recipe]

P.P.S : Guess what I had for lunch? 😛


  1. I remember excitedly coming to your blog when you began, on an achingly slow internet connection, full of suspense while the page loaded almost frame by frame, hoping that you’d posted something new.

    Gosh, it HAS been a year!
    Congratulations! I *heart* purplepaperplanes

    • Hey Nomi!!! how have you beeenn?? And thaank you for ‘hearting’ I ‘heart’ beyond the tunnel too and used to have pretty much the same ‘hoping for a new post’ thoughts when I’d hop onto your blog (though without the thrilling suspense of the slow internet connection..:P). Loved your last post, btw.

  2. You should definitely post more. 🙂 And happy anniversary!

    Also, don’t forget to stop by my journal. I think I’m going to start mirroring it to Blogger. (There’s a post there on blue glass pumpkins I think you’d really like.)

    Love and lotuses,


    P.S. Did you save me any of that palak paneer???

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