The Notes from Underground Anthology

The Literary Lab, one of my favorite online hang outs, just came out with their second annual publication of ‘short pieces’ by 24 writers. This year, these short pieces include, short stories and novel excerpts, poetry and artwork.I just got my copy today and can’t wait to curl up with it this weekend and read the whole thing.

You can buy a print copy either from Createspace or Amazon . OR you could get the kindle version here. ALL the proceeds go to the Writer’s Emergency Assistance Fund . Read more about how you can get a 15% discount code here.

Oh- and I have a story in there somewhere too…:)



  1. Lavanya, your story about the “three spices’ is excellent. You wove those threads with the same expertise as a master chef adding *just* the right amount of spice to his pot! I so enjoyed reading it! Actually I enjoyed reading all the stories – such a wonderful mix of different voices.

    Judy (South Africa)

  2. I wanted to let you know how much I liked your story! I learned a lot. I know I should chew slowly, but I didn’t know it would improve my memory! I really really liked your story, Lavanya. Many wise thoughts like, for instance, why are we offended by attention rather than flattered? I remember being offended by whistles when I was younger. Nobody whistles anymore. I was smug with disdain back then. Anyway, yours is one of my favorites, most interesting the way the three lives are intertwined, close, but not touching, and I love your description of the movie theatre…”dark, damp, and full of possiblities”.

    • Thank you so much Yvonne, for the lovely feedback!

      Yes- eve-teasing is a big problem in India and I have also been, and hated being, at the receiving end. With that character (Santosh) I tried writing from a point of view that was very different from mine just to see where it went..:)

  3. How very cool girl. Do they have an online version of your story we can access? I’d love to read it pronto. Otherwise have put in a request with Mr. Acharya to ship us out a copy.

    Are you happy with your story, L?

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