Marni by Marni : Ms Charming?


I admit it, I am smitten. Marni is a smiling, charming, slip of an incense perfume that is lighthearted in a way I’d never imagined an incense perfume could be. If she were a woman, she would be an excellent conversationalist who would think nothing of biting into a snack in the middle of a meeting (in her case it would be a pack of vanilla filled wafers). She is different but comfortably so. She loves books and Buddhist meditation but she doesn’t parade her interests. She will talk about them if you are interested. But only if you ask. Most of the the time she speaks with a twinkle in her eye. But she is nice so she includes you in the joke. She is artless but composed. And not in the least bit self conscious. Oh and she likes dusty pink roses, and dancing in the rain.

Ok, that review didn’t satisfy. Let me try again:

Marni starts off sweet- a rose encased in swirls of incense. But these are happy swirls, swishy swirls. The rose is almost edible with petals made of vanilla icing- sweet but never cloying. I also smell patchouli: a relatively clean patchouli. The patchouli, rose and incense remind me of perfumes like L’Artisan Voleur de Roses and Frederic Malle’s Portrait of a Lady though Marni is younger, sheerer than the former, more joyful than the latter and generally more ‘pink’ (albeit a dusty pink). [ I don’t have a sample of either of these for a side by side comparison so don’t take my word for it]. I usually apply Marni at the back of my neck. And after few hours when the swirls are gone, I can still hear tiny puffs of incense near my ear. March likened the experience of wearing Marni to  “eating Neco wafers while wearing Chanel Coco” and even though I am not very familiar with Coco, I know exactly what she means.

The perfumer Daniela Andreir manages to create a juxtoposition of the light with the dark in a way that the final perfume is airier than the notes might suggest.[And the dark is not night, but a gentle twilight.] It is enjoyable because it doesn’t take itself too seriously, yet somehow never veers into vapid, silly or frivolous territory. And yes, I am charmed.

Update : I received my bottle of Marni that I purchased from ebay. Sprayed from the bottle I get much more spice in the top notes, mainly cinnamon. The first time I tested the juice from the bottle, I was worried that the impression of cinnamon with vanilla icing might steer this perfume into cinnamon chewing gum territory (which I am not a fan of). I am happy to report that on subsequent wearings it didn’t go in that direction. The cinnamon and patchouli provide texture to this perfume. And.. I still like it..:)

Picture via We Heart It


  1. I like Marni (but I do not smell anything in common between Marni and PoaL). Did you see how cute is the 30 ml bottle?! I want it just to have it in the collection. But for now I’ll go through a couple of samples first.

    • Not even the incense in PoaL?
      I wanted to go through a few samples too first before deciding, but my closest Nordstrom was out of testers. And..Ok- I was bad- I bid for that 30 ml bottle on ebay, not expecting to win (since the amount wasn’t high) but I did win. So now I will soon have that bottle (hopefully it is not a fake). I don’t feel too good about it because there were so many other bottles higher on my wish list. Ah well..;-)

  2. Don’t know this perfume at all, Lavanya, but if it’s anything like the woman you describe in your first paragraph, it must be delightful. I really like the way you described its “character”! 🙂

    • Thanks S 🙂 It *is* a delightful perfume. Once I get my bottle, I’ll send you a sample. I’m actually not entirely sure if you’ll love this, but we’ll see 😀

  3. Tara

    This sounds really well done and like Suzanne, I love your description of Marni’s character. That can tell you as much as anything.

    I think this will be my kind of thing so I look forward to trying it. The cute 30ml bottle makes it all the more tempting.

    Don’t stress about getting it above other bottles on your wish-list. You obviously got it for a great price.

    • I am curious what you’ll think of this. Once I get my bottle and buy a few 2ml atomizers, I’ll send you a sample [Though I have not been the most prompt shipper of packages- ask Undina and Suzanne..:-D].

      And I won’t stress about getting the bottle 🙂

    • Let me know if you can’t find it close by- I’ll send you a sample. I have a million 1 ml vials, but I wanted to buy some 1-2 ml atomizers since I think this perfume might be better/stronger sprayed. But you, my dear, might be just fine dabbing (with your love of subdued quietness in perfume) ;). Now Suzanne on the other hand, I would never send her this in a Which basically means I can send you this faster than I can her or Tara..:). However, from my bottle, Marni seemed more spicy than from my sample spray. Do you usually like spicy?

      • flittersniffer

        Yes, I usually like spicy! Increasingly so indeed. Just checked online and Marni seems to be a real scarcity in Britain – even on Ebay – so I wouldn’t mind taking you up on your kind offer. Or we could have a handover when you are in London if that is easier? – I’d very much like to meet you then. 😉

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