Sniff and Science : Exercise is good for smell

I have a cupboard full of excuses that I dip into, whenever my husband suggests I take a break, and go to the gym. I admit it, the idea of going to the gym just does not appeal to me. I do like physical activity, but it is just too much trouble to initiate said activity in the closed environs of a gym. And of course, as one of the excuses in my cupboard will tell you, other forms of physical activity (other than those that are ‘son-related’ ) are just not practical during weekdays. So this morning, after just such a conversation about why I can’t go to the gym, when my husband said that he was reading an article claiming exercise affects smell, I thought he was pulling my leg. Wouldn’t you have thought the same?


Apparently he was telling the truth. It turns out that regular exercise could well prevent age-relating fading of smell, as reported in a study published yesterday in journal JAMA Otolaryngology-Head & Neck Surgery. The study, spanning ten years, showed that regular exercise lowered the risk of olfactory impairment.

I’ll let you read the article while I figure out how to burn my cupboard of excuses.

Picture Credit

Pictures via John Hopkins University and NY Times 


  1. O-key… I do need to start excercising again: my sense of smell is very important to me (not that other things are not but…) Great motivation, thank you! 🙂

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