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So I have some news to share… thoughtbubble2 Just before the birth of my daughter. I decided I would take a break from work after she was born. The fellowship I had then was ending and I decided not to look for a new job till I was ready. I was feeling a bit jaded and out of sorts at the time. The thought of two babies under two years old was overwhelming. I wasn’t sure exactly how I was going to achieve any balance in my life. So rather than worry about the future.  my brain decided to concoct some more new things for me to do. And the idea of Boxwalla was born, just before my daughter was. brainthought It has taken me almost a year to figure out exactly how I wanted to mould this amorphous idea. In fact, we are still in the process of figuring out stuff. But I think it is time for me to push it out into the world.

What is Boxwalla?  It is an online framework/platform for me to share the things I love while showcasing all the small, wonderful businesses that I have come to know along the way: the producers of small batch, artisanal food, makers of luxurious beauty products and some newer artisanal businesses that I have discovered more recently that produce high quality, drool-worthy products. In addition to this I also wanted to create a framework to showcase and talk about books and film which are also some of our great loves.

It is always very scary to send your idea out into the big bad world. But this space seems a somewhat safer and friendlier place to start. So I will.  I created a Facebook page yesterday for this.. thing (I can’t call it a business. Not yet at least).

Here is a link: The sign up page will be live next week and the website by the end of August.

I can’t help but quake in my boots while also feeling deliriously excited at the same time. Once our website is live, I will be talking about boxwalla-related stuff on the blog there, while keeping this space primarily for perfume and food and travel and all that good stuff. I am not yet sure how the transition will work since some topics are bound to overlap, so I am open to ideas. I do feel a bit uncomfortable talking about the business and store (there I said it!) on this space as it feels too ‘promotional’ and I don’t want that. I would need to fill this space with millions of disclaimers if I did! So this will probably be one of the very few times that I will be mentioning it here.

Thank you all for reading through this post. *runs off and hides*.

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  1. No need to hide, Lavanya! I love that you shared your exciting new project with us here.

    It sounds interesting, fun and useful. I admire you so much for coming up with the idea and implementing it with two little ones to care for. Sometimes it’s good to be able to think about other things though. I’m sure it will be a success and look forward to following your progress.

    • Thanks for your sweet comment Tara!
      I always feel like hiding after sharing something personal…lol. I have the horrible habit of second guessing myself..:)

  2. Of course you need tons of disclaimers! Otherwise we, all 20 (?) of us who read your blog, will think that you’re taking advantage of us and shamelessly promoting your new business – how dare you?!! Right? 😉

    I’m excited for you and look forward to following your success story.

  3. Echoing Tara’s and Undina’s sentiments, it’s delightful to hear of your new business, Lavanya! I see no shame in promoting an honest business, especially one borne of your heart’s desire … in fact, it’s thrilling and I wish you every success with it!

    By the way, the package of skincare products you sent me (that I now understand was sort of a preview of your Boxwalla business) resulted in a sale for the Garden of Wisdom company, as I fell in love with the pineapple-red wine exfoliating gel and bought a bottle of it. Now I’m almost out and will be purchasing it again, so see … you did a good thing already, making a connection that benefits both me and them. 🙂

    • Thanks so much Suzanne! Ok – I am going to stop being apologetic for sharing this..:).
      I am so glad you loved the gel. I do like this company (have been buying from them for 7-8 years now).

  4. As you know from our message exchanges, I think this is an ace idea, not least the truly inspired name! I bet there is a sizeable market of people who combine the three key ingredients required to be the perfect punter for your new business: taste, curiosity and cash. Oh, and a lack of time to go forth and winkle out these things for themselves. You will be their go-to ‘interesting new stuff’ concierge – I think it is great.

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