A blank sheet of paper is a beautiful thing.

I started this blog to serve as my blank sheet of paper, which I could fashion into any kind of  purple thing depending on what got caught in my ‘sensory web’. A paper boat, a paper plane? Maybe. But as I continue to write,  the blank sheet of  paper absorbs inky smudges and fingerprints and all kinds of yellow crinkles. And now, there is no longer a blank sheet ready to do my bidding but a half formed something with a mind of its own.

A blank sheet of a paper may be a beautiful thing. But then, so is a book full of scribbles.

This blog in now my half filled book of smudges and scribbles of everyday things that move me. An everyday thing may be a sculpture, a scent, food (yes- I am moved by food!) or a yellowed fading page of a library book. What ever pushes me to open my drafts page and spill my words on it, will find its way into this blog. Hopefully you’ll find it interesting too.