Saturday Stroll: Farmer’s Market

One of the rare red leaves, near where I live


My local Farmer’s Market

farmer's market



The different ways of apples


One of the sweetest farmers. I chanced upon his stall recently.

Smiling farmer

A new Italian Ice and gelato stall. And Pink!


What should we get?


We got a Lemon Ice , an Autumn Vanilla gelato and loads of travel tips to Italy


Some of my loot: lemon basil, squash blossoms, spring onions,acorn squash, Mejdool dates, kale, some baby patty pan squash


Can you smell the lemon basil?

Lemon Basil

Nothing says autumn quite like orange colored squash

Orange veggies


    • Thanks Karley! Yes, I wanted to try the chocolate hazelnut – but they were out of the Italian Ice and were selling the gelato only by the pint. But the Lemon Ice was deelicious!!

  1. I used to be told lots of stories of the farmer’s market in California, and not having seen one myself imagined a souped up version of the local sabzi mandi you get in these parts. When i looked at the photographs here the first thing that noticed was how posh everything looked (and squeaky clean!)

    Am going to wait to salivate over your recipe’s now. You wouldn’t happen to have a smart, quick way to cook Persimmons would you?

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