Some old foods, new foods and a giveaway!

I usually eat reasonably healthy food when I eat at home. But I go through these phases of junk food craving. At  some point last month, I realized I was eating way too much junk. Fries and chips. And anything cheesy. It didn’t help at all that a new Hot Breads franchise had opened very close to home. And so ofcourse I had to try everything they offered. Dabeli, spicy-minty  pani puri, eggless butterscotch cake . Even Paneer Tikka Masala Pizza. I was especially excited about Hot Breads because I have some childhood memories associated with eating at one of their branches in Madras. I remember shopping here with my cousins and sister, one summer, for a ‘secret midnight feast’ that only my grandfather (the ‘funds provider’) was privy to. Anybody who was brought up on a diet of Enid Blyton books knows just how exciting these midnight feasts sounded when they were described in her books. As a kid, I used to sleep at 8 or 9 at night , so a feast at 12 was one of the most exciting things I could imagine.We bought flaky Puffs, soft vegetable buns and mini crusty pizzas.

Anyway the point was, I was starting to eat way too much junk and was craving sugary food (and I don’t even have much of a sweet tooth) and that was when I came across the 5-day Low Glycemic challenge on City Girl’s blog.  I jumped at the opportunity for an excuse to get back to eating healthy food and bought Meghan’s tutorial that accompanied the challenge. It was a very informative tutorial about the benefits of eating foods with a low glycemic index. And I liked having a lot of facts and data packed into this concise format for easy reference. Some of the stuff  I already knew vaguely, but having it all in one place with citations and food recommendations worked as a nice driving force to act on.

I thoroughly enjoyed eating through the 5-6 days of the challenge. I craved butter scotch cake and alfredo sauce a few times in the beginning. But once I ignored these ‘feelings’ and found yummy healthy snacks to curb my 4 o’ clock pangs, I was fine. This was, I realized, the key to (my) healthy eating – ALWAYS having healthy snacks around, both at work and home

Other than cutting down on white rice (and our evening jaunts to Hot Breads..:)), our ‘main’ meals weren’t very different from the usual (Dal, Chole, Rajma,soup).

What I loved most about this challenge was re-discovering ‘old’ foods (things that I had eaten in India but hadn’t ever attempted to make at home )and discovering ‘new’ tasty healthy snacks that were so easy to make at home.

Some highlights (a few of these are from Meghan’s tutorial):

1. eating apples with almond butter (from Farmer’s Market) – I had never tasted almond butter before and it was ridiculously decadent with a piece of fruit

2. Discovering Artisana tahini paste

3. Making my first ‘with-tahini’ hummus (with mint and chillies) with the Artisana Tahini paste and eating them with these crackers.

4. Making Pesarrattus (Lentil Crepe made of Split-moong beans) – I hadn’t realized just how easy these were to make at home. And so tasty.

5. Discovered Ezekials sprouted grain bread and pasta at Whole Foods.

6. Eating cucumbers dipped in tahini sauce and lemon basil pesto

8. Discovering that sunflower seeds, almonds and apples dunked in rice milk, make a yummy breakfast cereal

7. I also finally brought out my Pressure cooker, from hiding, to save time while making brown rice khichdi (rice and lentil stew) and this Rajma curry.

The one thing that I wanted to try but didn’t , was making kale chips. But I plan to, very soon!

And so after this successful challenge, I was very excited when Meghan announced her new Superfoods e-tutorial. It has information about super foods- what they are, why they are good for you and how to incorporate them into everyday meals. But wait (oh my god- that sounds like an infomercial!), the more exciting part is, that Meghan is giving away one copy of this tutorial to one of my readers.

Just leave a comment on this post anytime from now to April 6th (before midnight EST) to be entered in the draw to win a copy. Tweet or blog about this giveaway for extra entries (just let me know in your comment). Don’t forget to leave your email id. I will pick a winner on the 7th. Meghan will email a link, to a free download of this tutorial, to the winner!

Update : Draw closed. The winner is Nupur. Congratulations! Please send me your email id- so I can forward it to Meghan.

So, what are your favorite healthy (and tasty) snacks?


    • Thank YOU! Meghan. Btw, I have been reading the superfoods tutorial- and I think it is my favorite one yet! I just got some organic cacao powder- can’t wait to make the superhero balls..:)

  1. i’ve never had kale chips but would love to try them as i love kale. i didn’t realize you could make crepes out of lentils, boy i have a lot to learn but i’m excited to do so 😉 i’ve been a big fan of turkish apricots recently when i’ve been craving something sweet. yum!!

    hope you have a wonderful weekend. hugs!!

  2. Great post- I loved all your snacking ideas, after I recovered from the thoughts of everything you listed in that first paragraph!

    My favorite healthy(ish) snacks: plump prunes from Trader Joe’s, chivda made with whole grain cereal and plenty of nuts.

    • I After I wrote the first paragraph, I realized that it seemed to take away from all that is healthy in the next few..:D
      I love the Trader Joe’s prunes too- though there is always the danger of my eating too many!

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  4. Sari

    What a beautiful site!

    I’ve recently started snacking on whole chia seeds mixed with ground cocoa nibs and hemp seeds. Just add some hot water and let the chia seeds expand for a few minutes. Then I add some milk and cinnamon and eat it like porrage. It is a great snack to have at work in the afternoon.

  5. val

    On the superfoods theme… making a trail mix with nuts/seeds, cacao nibs & goji berries is an excellent snack (and great to leave in your bag to have food on the go!

  6. Sarah

    Glad I stumbled upon your blog, it was great to read about your adventures through the 5 Days Low-Glycemic Challenge. I’ll definitely be stopping by regularly.

  7. Yum! These all sound delicious. Lately, I have been making a pesto with walnuts, fresh basil, olive oil, lemon, and a bit of sea salt. I make a batch and then use it to dip fresh veggies and spread on wraps and toast. It’s so yummy.

  8. Bong Mom


    In answer to you question, yeah that is the one I bought. I had got the reference from Jugalbandi(

    It is cast iron and the first couple of times it needed a lot more oil than I thought. Since then it has been great though. They say, The more you use, the better it gets seasoned and less oil is needed

    And yes Hot Breads is a death knoll to my eating healthy too. There is one close by and how I love it 😉

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