Thunderstorm Scents

Some scents remind me of a thunderstorm – especially one particular thunderstorm. I am sure I must have witnessed many storms, but this one I remember particularly well. I was standing in one of the balconies in my grandfather’s house, singing to myself, as a break from studying. I used to do that pretty often then. Take a singing-dancing break in the balcony, I mean. Twirling and singing, and giddy that I could do that with a sharp breeze  hitting my face and nobody watching. I don’t remember the sequence of events, my memories seem to be stored as snapshots these days- the balcony, the singing, the thunderstorm. I don’t even know whether the singing and dancing were from the same day as the thunderstorm, but they both had the balcony in common. So, where was I? Yes, standing in the balcony and.. Thunderstorm.

The air had an electric dampness, that day. Dark  heavy clouds, as if moving from some place far away towards me. Orange, angry sky. And I stood facing it, watching as the thunder rolled along with the clouds. Letting myself meet the force, the energy, at some point outside of me. And the movement swept over me and I must have let myself completely go. Because when it had ended I felt exhausted yet completely expressed. In a way, not sure if I was watching or being the storm.

I feel very similarly while watching a stormy sea lash against rocks during high tide. There seems to be a strange kind of beauty in this disturbing intensity that pulls me out and comforts me.

Yes, with perfumes too there are times when perfect beauty just won’t do. For those times, I need Thunderstorm scents. A perfume with that something disturbing that  battles with me till I submit to its beauty, both comforted and expressed. Almost serving as an external point of focus that centers me.

So my list of Thunderstorm Perfumes in no particular order (*drum roll*):

1. Montale Black Aoud : With the leathery thorny oud and a luscious red rose, this was my first Thunderstorm Scent.

2. Aftelier Shiso (generously applied) : Here the comfort and discomfort are perfectly balanced, a piercing green arrow followed by softer green whispers.

3. Aftelier Tango : What more can I say about Tango, that hasn’t been said before? It is intensely disturbing, yet warm and a prickly thick rug that you never want to let go off.

What are your Thunderstorm scents?

Image Credit : via Creative Commons


  1. Thuderstorms with all their electrical tension…are my favorite kind of weather! Especially with snow, which is quite rare!

    So thunderstorm scents would have to reflect that…inherent tension, the push-me-pull-me between positive and negative.

    Amouage Memoir Woman – sweet and bitter, smoky/leathery and rosy…comes closest for me. It took a long time to find me, but when it did, I was hooked!

    Aftelier Tango – OMG yes…so compelling, so perfectly strange and strangely perfect – for thunderstorms, too!

    Serge Lutens Iris Silver Mist has to be the world’s weirdest iris – and perfect for a thunderstorm. Carrot and orris, earth and sky, metal and flower – it’s all of these – a thunderstorm in a bottle!

    • Oh Yes- push me-pull you is the perfect way of describing thunderstorm scents..I need to re-sniff Memoir again – it sounds like something I would love (I sniffed it with a million other things; i remember it reminding me of Jubilation for Men, which I love..)

      I don’t think I’ve ever experienced a thunderstorm with snow – that much be a beautiful experience.

  2. I haven’t experienced a real thunderstorm in many-many years: this type of weather isn’t something you see in our area. I think I miss those. Much more than I miss snow.

    If I had to choose my thunderstorm fragrance it would be… hmm… Amouge Epic, Chanel No. 22 and Eclat de Jasmin by Giorgio Armani.

    • I kind of half-slept through a thunderstorm recently- but other than that- I haven’t experienced one in years, either..:(

      Interesting thunderstorm scents- thanks for sharing!!

  3. I think maybe Bandit is a beautiful battle of a perfume, and the bracing Cristalle. Also the intense darkness under Papyrus de Ciane. All are green scents, that’s what I associate with thunderstorms, like the sickly green colour the clouds take on when a big one is coming.

    • I don’t think I’ve ever smelled Bandit – but from the sound of it (strong leather) it seems like a wonderful thunderstorm scent. I’ve never heard of Papyrus de Ciane (just looked it up- it is a PG scent)- will check it out. I can imagine how green scents would evoke thunderstorms- there is something bracingly beautiful about them.

      Thanks for stopping by, kjanicki

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